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Who We Are

Rhein River Baptist Church is a place to call home for the hundreds of families who have come through its doors since 1984. RRBC was started as a military church, but has branched out to an international church of many nationalities that have called the Rhein River Baptist Church "HOME."


Services are held in English, but it's fun to hear the many languages spoken by our people. If you are in the Mannheim area or if you plan to move to our area, please come by and visit us. You will find a loving, caring group of believers and a place where the Gospel is preached and taught without apology.

Sundays, we meet together where we sing and hear preaching from God's Word. On Wednesdays, we are more casual. We sit around and discuss the Bible together. This is currently done over Zoom.


We invite you to browse through our web site and become better acquainted with our ministry.

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